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Create a website you want to show off.

You’re a business owner who wants a website that feels like you. You want your site to serve as a polished, put-together place for visitors to learn more about you. You also want your ideal clients to be welcomed and learn how they can get the support they need.

You may feel as though your current website doesn’t fit who you are or what you do, or you may be constantly updating your website, knowing that something is missing from it – but you just can’t pinpoint it. 

When you work with Capstone Digital Marketing, we take care of the hard part. Through our intuitive marketing process, we are able to create a website that you not only love, but one that represents you and your brand well. 

Find out what your design style with just a few questions!

Start a new season in your business – confidently.

Your business is unique and has something unique to offer. From your story to your approach, you are different from everyone else through your services and/or products. Through our website design and development at Capstone Digital Marketing, we want your company’s uniqueness to be shown throughout your website. 

We don’t use templates for our websites, so you are sure to have a website that is unique. Using our onboarding form, you are able to tell us exactly how you envision your website, as well as your vision and expectations. We make sure the website aligns with your business goals and mission so that you provide your prospective clients with clear and focused understanding.

Website Design & Development agency

Website Design Process

Step 1

Agreement + Onboarding

We will send you an agreement that details our plan for your new website, agreement of fees and services, and sets expectations for work that will be done. You will also receive an onboarding form for website information and your goals for your new website.

Step 1
Step 2

Design + Feedback

To get started, we will design your homepage around the information given to us. We will send you a copy of your completed homepage for your feedback. Once we receive that information, we will begin working on the rest of your website.

Step 2
Step 3

Project Delivery + Feedback

Once your website is completed, we will send you a demo website for your review and approval. You will fill out a form with your feedback for each page and with any changes that need made before your brand new site goes live.

Step 3
Step 4

Finalized Project

If you are satisfied and only minor changes need to be made, we will make the changes and request your final approval. We will then prepare your new site to go live on your URL.

Step 4
Website Design


We want you to feel confident in the decision you are making for your business. You can find most answers to your questions about website design here to help you learn more about this service. If you are interested in talking with us directly, please use our contact form and we’ll respond to you within 48 hours.

Before we can get started, you need to have content/copy for every page you are adding to your new website. For the homepage, about page, services page, FAQs, etc., you will need to have at least 500 words per page.

We also require that you have an established logo, brand colors, and brand fonts.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact us.

The website design process takes roughly two months to complete. The timeline also varies based on the (1) how quickly we receive turnaround from the client and (2) how many websites have been ordered. Please contact us if you’d like to know exactly how long your specific website would take. Please provide us with (1) the number of predicted pages you have for your website and (2) the predicted turnaround time needed for your company. We will do our best to provide you an accurate answer!

We exclusively use WordPress to build websites with a theme and page builder. 

Yes. Once your website is live, you will have access to make any adjustments needed. If requested, we can also make a video tutorial on how to use your website.

When you purchase website design services from us, your website solely belongs to you.

If you are interested in us hosting your website, we can make this adjustment during our process. There is a yearly of $100 fee for hosting. 

We are currently only taking a a minimal number of clients for maintenance service. Once we begin the process, we will be able to discuss this more with you.