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Guide to Website Redesign and SEO

In the dynamic world of digital presence, a website redesign intertwined with SEO mastery provides a pivotal strategy for ensuring a fresh look and fantastic performance in search rankings. Here are some essential steps to guide your website’s transformation journey, ensuring it resonates with both beautiful aesthetics and optimal SEO


Do You Need Hosting Maintenance Services?

In the vast and intricate digital world, ensuring that your website is in optimal condition is essential. Think of it as maintaining a high-performance machine: even the best machines can fail without proper care. This is where hosting and maintenance come into play for your website. Let’s delve deeper into

Tips and Advice

Can I Remove a Page from My Website?

Sometimes a webpage should be removed from your site, but it isn’t advisable to just delete that page. That could cause a drop in your SEO rankings and make your website less user-friendly. This post will explain when you should remove a webpage and how to do it wisely. When

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The Making of a Good Website

These days it is common for all types of businesses and even individuals to have a website to represent them on the internet. Thanks to advances in web development, we have many options for how we’d like our website to look and function. Creativity can be to your advantage when


What Is a High-Quality Webpage?

If you know the basics of SEO, you know that high-quality web pages rank best on search engines. But what exactly is a high-quality webpage? We’ll talk through some of the features of a great webpage, both from the perspective of a search engine and your users. Demonstrate Expertise, Authority,


The One Thing Your Website is Missing

As a website designer, I see a lot of amazing, ambitious business owners who want their website to show off who they are. With a few images, a clean logo, classic brand colors, and some call-to-actions, they think they are set. But the truth is… there’s something that you might

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Why Isn’t My Website Converting?

If you spend much time online, you’ve noticed that every website is unique. The colors, styles, images, message, speed, fonts, and more are what make one website different from another. Here at Capstone, we build websites all the time, and it’s always amazing how different they are even though we

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Is It Time for a Website Redesign?

As a marketing company, the success of our clients is our top priority. One of the ways we’ve helped our clients succeed is through website design. When Capstone was born, website design was not part of our plans. In fact, the only reason it started is because a few SEO

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New Website 101: A Comprehensive List of Do’s and Dont’s

If you’re having a new website created, this article is for you. After building dozens of websites, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to prepare for a new website so you can feel confident you’re doing all you can to have the optimal experience during this process. Do:

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Is Your Firm’s Website Accessible? Here’s Why it Should Be

A website serves no purpose if everyone cannot interact with it. If someone does not know the services you offer, cannot send an inquiry via a contact form, or cannot find information, he or she is not going to become your client. You could be the most prestigious firm in