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Can I Remove a Page from My Website?

Sometimes a webpage should be removed from your site, but it isn’t advisable to just delete that page. That could cause a drop in your SEO rankings and make your website less user-friendly. This post will explain when you should remove a webpage and how to do it wisely. When

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Tips and Advice

5 Tips to Effectively Compete With Your Online Competitors

Businesses need competition to encourage innovation and growth, but competing isn’t instinctual. You need a solid plan to compete successfully and to create that plan, you need to be armed with great competitive strategies. Know Your Customers The first step to business success is defining your target market. If you

Tips and Advice

Marketing Your Business During a Pandemic

Times are strange, for sure, with the COVID-19 virus circulating around the world and affecting so many lives, perhaps even touching someone you know and love. As an online marketing strategist, I know that it can be difficult to know what to do about your website and marketing during this


Do’s and Don’ts When Working with Your SEO Provider

As an SEO provider, we at Capstone Digital Marketing understand that the language and services we provide can be a bit of a mystery to those who work with us. While we do our best to explain things, there are some items that continue to create some confusion. In this

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5 Content Ideas for Your Website

Everyone knows that content is the most important part of your website. Even if you are a photographer, search engine algorithms like Google look for content to learn about you and place you somewhere in search results for any number of keywords. The question is: How do you keep coming

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Don’t Lose Your Mind Keeping Track of Emails

If you’re a business owner, you may feel like you have overwhelming amount of emails you are trying to keep track of and you’re unsure how to do that simply and successfully. From prospective clients to current clients to like-minded business owners, the email addresses keep piling up and all

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5 Ways to Have a Good Relationship with Your SEO Service Provider

SEO service providers come in all shapes and sizes. If you have dealt with SEO experts in the past, you know that some love to communicate, some don’t; some provide tons of information, some don’t; some provide ideas and solutions, some don’t; some are cheap – and some are very