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The One Thing Your Website is Missing

As a website designer, I see a lot of amazing, ambitious business owners who want their website to show off who they are. With a few images, a clean logo, classic brand colors, and some call-to-actions, they think they are set. But the truth is… there’s something that you might be missing from your website: Content.

In the word of visuals, you might forget that words are important and can be the difference between someone choosing you vs a competitor. But why is this?

Content tells a story. It provides credibility. It gives information. And while we hear, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” those words vary person to person and can be taken differently. When you are providing the content, there’s no misunderstanding about what you offer and why.

We’ve talked several times about why content is so great for SEO, which it is, but if you’re not into SEO services right now, there are several other great reasons why you should consider adding more, quality content to your website.

Your Story

If there was no information about you online, you can pretty much guarantee information about you will be somewhere – even if it’s not your own.

When you have content on your website, you are suddenly in control of who the main voice is about your brand and company. If you are someone who is very picky about who you work with, you wouldn’t want information out there that you just work with everyone. That would be an important piece of content that you need on your website.

Your story is yours to tell. Let your website do that for you.


If you were going to go to a new doctor and didn’t see anything about them online, would you still go? Maybe if you were referred by someone, but let’s say it was a random name you heard and no one you know has mentioned them. You probably wouldn’t go to them because you don’t know anything about them.

What if you heard the name of a doctor, searched them, and found a beautiful, professional website that talked about their experience, their services, their pricing, expectations for your visit, etc… you would probably think about going to them more than if you had not seen that information on their website.

Your Company Information Should Not Be Hidden

There’s no real reason you should not be willing to share what you do with your audience. We’ve had people say they did not want that information on their website because they were worried others would steal it or learn the ins and outs of their business.

While this may be a valid concern for some companies, you most likely do not need to worry about this. If someone would copy your content, Google will rank the website where the content first came from.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and share information with your audience!

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