Marketing can be overwhelming. The good news is, you have options.

Our approach to marketing isn’t cookie-cutter. Each client is unique and deserves to be treated as so.

Website + SEO Audits

You need to know what’s on your website – the good, the bad, and the ugly. One of the first things that we will do for you is to assess your website – every single page. We will let you know if you have any copied content, if your keywords and metatags are accurate, if you have any broken links, how you rank compared to your competitors, the speed of your site (both mobile & PC), and more! We know how important these things are. We know what to look for and we will keep you in the loop because we want you to be successful!

SEO Services

Due to internal changes with search engines, search engine optimization (SEO) changes all the time. The higher your site ranks for selected keywords, the more traffic it will receive. Capstone Digital Marketing has strategies in place to help you beat your competitors. We don’t believe in black hat (dishonest) SEO that promises a quick fix and #1 ranking in Google. There are certain protocols, however, that can be followed to give you the traffic you need to get the customers you want!

Website Design

We specialize in all types of web development and design. To be more specific, we can create sites for any venue, and we have various packages depending on the type of site you want and your budget. Keep in mind that your website is the face of your company, so it’s vital that your site tells who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. In addition, it is possible that your website could be affecting your Google ranking. We have different packages for websites depending on the type of site you want and the number of pages and features.

Not sure which direction to take?

Because we are a unique company, we won’t work with just anyone. The bottom line is that we’re rather old-fashioned because we still believe in good manners and treating others as we’d like to be treated. That means saying please, thank you, and I’m sorry if we do something wrong. We’re far from perfect, but we do believe in being honest and going the extra mile. If that type of mindset resonates with you, reach out. We love to meet new people and work with those who value relationship and communication like we do.

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