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SEO services personalized for you.

Whether your company is a small attorney’s office, a start-up local business, a challenger brand such as a dentist or real estate agent, or an enterprise that reaches worldwide, an SEO expert can provide an invaluable service by making your website more visible on Google.

Capstone Digital Marketing’s SEO services can give your website a strong competitive advantage in the search results thanks to our experience and long history of successfully ranking websites in search engines.

As intuitive and authentic online marketers, we work with you to create a common sense strategy, gain a respectful and healthy understanding of your competitors, and research to find the best strategy to achieve success.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is intuitive MArketing?

Intuitive SEO services describe a holistic methodology that includes the services of a well-rounded search marketing specialist — one who has demonstrated expertise, authority, and industry-wide trust in search engine optimization. SEO projects can range from a few months to many years in duration — sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, depending on your needs and what you hope to accomplish. As objectives are reached, new strategies will come to light through communication, relationship, and cooperation.

Your SEO Specialist

Capstone's SEO Services

We’ve helped with numerous types of SEO projects. Here are a few examples of how we have helped companies be more successful through their online marketing:

  • Holistic Marketing Strategy – Online marketing has become a complex discipline. More businesses are learning the importance of doing things “right” online to get noticed by search engines to get the traffic they need. We work with our clients to get the whole picture of what’s going on with their websites and their total online presence.


  • On-Page SEO Audits – A comprehensive analysis of the overall health of your site can provide a wealth of information about your website. Because Google is looking for a streamlined website with all parts in place, an audit can be a great place to start if you’re not sure what needs to be done on your website. Our audits come complete with detailed recommendations for improvement.


  • Keyword Research – Mapping your keyword space is a critical part of a complete program. This goes beyond just figuring out what people are searching, but also includes diving in and finding out what the best opportunities are for you, and mapping that into your overall content strategy.


  • Competitive Analysis – You need to look at the bigger picture, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the optimization strategy of your competitors. Competitive audits help you discover new opportunities, as well as the most vulnerable part of your competitors’ strategies.


  • Website Redesign SEO Services – Don’t let mistakes in a website redesign process tank your SEO traffic. If you need a new website or development and design work completed on your existing site, we can help.


  • Content – Expert content is the most powerful and important way to raise your online visibility. We’ll help you develop a holistic approach to publishing great content on your site. With new content comes new keyword opportunities, and it’s the best, most organic way to get ahead of the competition in ranking for desired keywords.


  • Penalty Recovery Services – If you’ve been notified that you have received a penalty from Google, get help right away. We offer rapid response services that will help you address the issues quickly and effectively to get the penalty removed as quickly as possible.

Who Works With Capstone and Why?

We have been honored to work with businesses of various sizes and niches. While many SEO companies focus on one industry, we have found it rewarding, educational, and exciting to work with a broad range of industries. Some of our first clients were beauty schools, churches, sleep consultants, attorneys, eye doctors, and marketers.

After experiencing such tremendous success, we have since broadened our horizons to include dentists, landscaping, pest control, video crewing, payroll services, skin rejuvenation services, daycare services, real estate agents, graphic designers, custom medical device services, music studios, vocal coaches, locksmiths, car parts services, travel agencies, independent sales distributors, fundraisers, and gift shops. 

You may wondering why so many different types of industries would hire us to help them. Truth be told, when it comes to SEO and online marketing, the sky is the limit. Through our experience, intuition, and know-how, we have had such an astounding success rate that we aren’t afraid to help all types of businesses – large, small, new, old, it doesn’t matter.

When you love to help people as much as we do, you’ll do what you can to make a difference and grow their businesses. We aren’t perfect, but through our years of learning, we understand websites, locations, search engines, keywords, content, overall online reputation, backlinks, and everything else that will allow your website to be successful. 

Your web presence and all of the pieces should be working for you to make your job easier, to bring clients in your door, to help your business grow like never before. It makes our day than to hear that our clients are too busy. Some of asked us to slow things down, and they have even raised their prices because they can. Many have hired more help to keep up because the calls and emails pour in and they can’t handle it. That’s what Capstone is all about, and it’s why we do what we do. 

Should You Work With Capstone?

Corporate teamworking colleagues in modern office

As SEO consultants we won’t provide traditional SEO services. Instead, we want to show you the value of freely giving of yourself and helping real people solve everyday problems. Our SEO consulting services focus on producing quality expert content that is well written and focused on the needs of a specific target market.

We take a realistic approach to help you help others with your services and/or products. In other words, your content should speak to your target audience in such a way that they will want to contact you. While there is a time and place for fancy jargon, it’s not usually on your website. A concise explanation of your services, understanding who you are and what you do, and a positive call to action are all important.

These are but a handful of the SEO services we offer in full collaboration with your search marketing needs in order to accomplish your business objectives. We are more than just a marketing company who offers SEO services — we will work with you through communication and collaboration to take your business to the next level. Rates, fees, and costs for SEO services vary depending upon the size and scope of the project.

We’ll work well together if you: