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Marketing Your Business During a Pandemic

Times are strange, for sure, with the COVID-19 virus circulating around the world and affecting so many lives, perhaps even touching someone you know and love. As an online marketing strategist, I know that it can be difficult to know what to do about your website and marketing during this time. Should you stop marketing, slow it down, or should you amp things up?

We are ever aware of the uncertainties of the current situation and how it might affect the economy in general. We also know that due to the uncertainty of the pandemic’s effects, it’s tough to assume either side – that this will quickly pass or that this will be with us for a while.

When it comes to marketing and your website, I would like to offer some suggestions about getting through this time. While I am all about facts and being “real” during this volatile season, I also prefer to look for opportunities – possibly missed ones – to help us all keep a clear head and remember that “this too shall pass.”

Here are some suggestions on SEO during a pandemic:

Work virtually.

All business owners need to consider how you can do your work virtually. Rather than employee meetings at your office, have a webinar call. Rather than meeting for coffee with your potential clients, call them or send a recorded video explaining how you can help them. If you haven’t done this type of work, it can be a challenge at first. However, there are many resources online to help you learn quickly.

Consider what people need right now.

Many businessmen and women are panicking as they realize that their current products and/or services are not currently needed by their usual target audience. Does that mean you should pack up your business and walk away? Instead, think about the possibilities of what you can offer to people that would be helpful during this crisis. It’s even possible that you can begin working on that new service or project that can be helpful during this time.

Be sure to consider your online reputation.

People are more sensitive right now, so it’s vital to show that you are real and authentic. Hardcore marketing isn’t helpful during a crisis, including email marketing and push campaigns. Instead, post valuable content that will help people see your ability to understand. Even if they never need your services during this crisis, they will remember your helpfulness during this time. And it’s okay to be a little more warm, fun, and human. People need to know that you care about them outside of your business dealings.

Create helpful content.

It’s likely that you have some thoughts about COVID-19 and your take on it as it relates to your business. What do people need to hear from you right now? It’s a good time to be real and show your readers that while you don’t have it all together right now, you are still open for business, and you’re standing by to help them. Take a look at your current content, and if it all seems meaningless in the face of current circumstances, add some additional pages or blog posts to help your readers.

Consider digital offerings.

If you own a brick and mortar business, consider how you can offer some digital content such as consulting, training, webinars, podcasts, and more. Implementing these into your website can prove to serve you now and also in the future after this crisis has subsided. When it comes to digital offerings, the sky is the limit; you just have to think outside the box. Many business owners have dreamed of doing this but haven’t made the time to make it happen. If your business is slow right now, allow the creative juices to flow.

Stay ahead of your competition.

While it’s tempting, it’s not a good time to pause your marketing efforts. When this crisis passes, your competition will quickly supersede you in searches and ranking. It’s a great opportunity to look at your online competitors to see how they are handling the current situation. If they aren’t doing anything, it’s your time to shine. If they are showing up, that’s more proof that you’d better keep up as well.

Be kind.

Let’s face it; this pandemic is affecting us all. While financial needs are always present with us, it’s possible that some of your clients need a little more time to make their payments. Want to make friends and influence people? Be kind and gracious. As much as possible, allow extensions, give a little more than usual, and have patience with people. We are all a little stressed and the uncertainty makes it even more possible for you to shine.

Keep calm.

We know that your finances might not be optimal right now, but we strongly suggest that you continue with your online marketing as scheduled. Rather than panic and do something you’ll regret, continue on with what you’re doing. Because others may bail during this time, it could actually be a great opportunity for you to get new content on your site and rise above your competition for new keywords.

It’s up to you.

One thing I’ve learned is that attitude is everything. I have some clients who, due to the coronavirus pandemic are nervous and certain that it’s the end of their business. I have other clients who are asking me what more they can be doing. They know that they shouldn’t stop working but instead, they are asking questions, writing content, asking more questions, checking out their competitors, and making themselves available. In the end, it’s up to you. At Capstone Digital Marketing, we have confidence that our clients will get through this and come out better than ever. We are careful but not fearful, and we encourage you to do the same.