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Is It Time for a Website Redesign?

As a marketing company, the success of our clients is our top priority. One of the ways we’ve helped our clients succeed is through website design. When Capstone was born, website design was not part of our plans. In fact, the only reason it started is because a few SEO clients were asking, “What can I do to help my business grow?” with sites that had the appearance of being built in 2002. While we were able to get their websites on the first page of Google, some of our clients still weren’t getting any of their own clients and it was simply because of the way their website looked.

Here is a list of ten reasons to prove that it’s time for a website redesign.

1. Your website isn’t responsive.

In a world filled with new technology, we can’t ignore this reason. Nearly 60% of all online traffic is from mobile and tablet devices.

Think of it this way: If you lined up 1,000 people, 600 of those people would be using the mobile and tablet devices to look at your website, while only 400 people would be using a desktop. When you look at it that way, that’s a lot of people not even seeing your website on a desktop, meaning it needs to be suitable for mobile and tablet use.

Our favorite tool to check to see if a site is responsive is, and we’ve been able to produce accurate results from it.

2. You’ve tried everything else to convert your audience.

Chances are, if you have an outdated or confusing website, readers won’t spend much time on your site. If you own a business, you probably have competitors, and your competitors have most likely done branding strategy and website updates, which leaves you far behind. If you’ve tried everything, try a new website redesign.

3. You’re not using WordPress.

This is a controversial issue. With website platforms like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace, they promise easy-to-use, fast, and guidance on designing new websites. In fact, some will even design it for you. However, as an SEO company, we’ve seen these website platforms struggle more as compared to those with WordPress.

If you’re using one of these platforms and you’re an SEO client, you’re more than likely going to hear us recommend a new website for you that is built with WordPress. It’s not for us to make money on new websites (we actually charge about 70-80% less than most website design companies), we’re just looking out for your success.

4. It just looks bad.

Don’t be ashamed to take a good look at your website and think, “This looks bad.” We’re constantly playing with new designs on our website to see what fits us best. If you think your website looks bad, chances are other people do too. Don’t be afraid to ask for some advice from friends, family, or co-workers to get their thoughts on how it can be improved.

5. You can’t make simple changes or updates.

If your current website doesn’t allow content changes, image changes, plugin updates, theme updates, etc. then it is time for a new website. Those things are only hurting you in the long run. Your website is designed to be updated and Google will look at this as a sign to see if your website has accurate and up-to-date information. If it doesn’t, you’re not in much luck.

6. There’s no consistency.

Consistency isn’t optional. If your site has five different fonts, five different colors, every page is formatted differently, nothing matches your logo, etc. then it’s time for a redesign.

7. Your website isn’t secure.

Without a secure website, you could be losing a lot of business. Users may worry their connection is at risk and go to a competitor instead. Since many of our website design clients use us for hosting, this is something you’ll no longer have to worry about.

8. You’ve shifted your company in a new direction.

We recently had a client who was starting to target a new audience — one she had never tried before. Her current website was focusing on her old audience, and it didn’t show the new direction she was going for.

She asked us to do a new website for her and while we were in the process, she was able to make adjustments to her content, images, and overall goal as it was built rather than trying to make considerable changes to her current site.

It not only benefits her company in the end, but also her audience. They won’t have to worry about being confused whom she is trying to target.

9. Your website isn’t focused on UX.

One thing we find extremely important for your website is the user experience (UX).

UX takes your entire website into account. It’s not just “I want to have a big font people can read.” It’s giving your audience what they are looking for in an easy manner that shouldn’t require a ton of thought for them.

Ask yourself: What would make me go to another website or exit out of a website? This could be different for every person, but here are a few to think about…

  • Hard to read text
  • Neon colors
  • Messy layout
  • Hard to follow navigation
  • Incorrect information
  • Can’t find what you’re looking for
  • Looks like it was made in 2000 (current credibility + web design)
  • Isn’t helpful

The list goes on. When you have a new website designed with UX in mind, you are broadening who your website will reach. However, with a confusing website with no consideration to UX, you’re going to lose prospective clients.

10. You are ready to take your business to the next level.

If you’re starting to really amp up your business and feel it’s time to take your company to the next level, website redesign might be the best option for you. We recommend working with a branding company (or asking us for some guidance) to make sure your new website works with the goals you have in mind for your business.

2019 Is the Year for Your Business

It’s 2019 and time for a fresh start with your business. What’s stopping you? Your website is a way to identify your company and if it doesn’t match up to your mission and goals, you may be losing out on new clients.

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Q: What CMS do you use?
A: We build all our websites on WordPress.

Q: Do you offer hosting?
A: Yes, we do with every new website we build. Contact us to learn more.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: This depends on how many pages your website has. Contact us for a quote.

Q: What if I don’t have a website currently? Can you still create a brand new one for me?
A: Yes! We’ll just have to go through a bit more detailed process since you’re starting from scratch.

Q: I need a new website, but I need you to keep all my stuff in place like plugins, pages, links, and special features on my website (that I’ve spent years on).
A: If your website is too complex, we probably aren’t a good fit. We’ve recently run into some problems with clients not understanding that everything on your current site will be erased and replaced with the new site. You can contact us to see if it’s something we’d like to take on, but please know that we can’t accept all website requests.

Q: How long will my website take?
A: This depends on the depth of your pages and how many you have. The more pages and special items you want, the longer it will take. Additionally, your new website will be placed in line if there are others before you. You can always ask how long it may be and we’ll try to give you a rough estimate (but typically, I would say 2-4 months for most websites with 10-15 pages).

Q: How do I purchase a new website?
A: You can contact us at to learn more.