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How Intuitive Marketing Helps Your Business

In the world of marketing, there is a definitive call for proof of what is working and what is not working. This usually requires numbers, reports, and statistics that compare returns month over month. It’s expected, and while there is a time and place for this type of information, it’s not the end-all. 

At Capstone, we believe that using some intuition is good for any business. When we recently re-marketed our brand, this was one glaring difference between us and others who do what we do. After years of working in the world of digital marketing and SEO, one of the biggest problems we saw was the lack of human touch, connection, and intuition.

The Vulnerability of Online Marketing

Every business owner wants to know that they matter to the people they hire. There is a certain aspect of vulnerability in allowing someone to handle your online presence. Recently, we did a website audit for a new client, and we did not have any access to the backend of her site. We just used online tools and found all that we needed to know. The business owner asked us, “How did you find out all of that about my website without having access to the backend? I feel like my dirty laundry is hanging out for the world to see.”

When a business owner contacts us, we listen to see where they are. Some are excited, ready to go to the next level. Others are passive, knowing that they need help but not knowing what that looks like. And finally, there are those who are resistant, reluctant, and even angry. They have been burnt, and they are not going to trust just anyone. The walls are huge, and we spend time explaining, assuring, and allowing them to decide if they would like to work with us – without pressure or expectation. We also consider rather or not they are a good fit for Capstone, and we make sure we have the confidence to help them go to the next level.

Keeping it Real

What we’ve learned is that people – including business owners – are just people. They have feelings, and they often need assurance and then some reassurance. “Marketing” has become a dirty word in the business world because so many have used it to their advantage. We have talked to business owners who tell us stories of spending thousands of dollars to only be disappointed again and again. 

Is it a report they want? Do they need proof? Are they looking for statistics? Most of the time, the greater need is for a human touch, an explanation, a voice that lets them know that they are cared for and their online marketing is being attended to on a monthly basis. Those in the SEO industry, in particular, are known for pushing people away and refusing to be accountable. They don’t want to answer questions or help with solutions for unusual circumstances. But

Intuition Matters

Instead of steering clear of people, we look to build relationships. We want to answer questions, discuss campaigns, and learn more about our clients. On the flip side, we know that our clients have to trust us and our instinctual way of doing things. We do SEO work according to what is most important in the grand scheme of things. We don’t follow a cookie-cutter approach because every single client is different.

Our most difficult clients are those who want to tell us how to do our jobs. They have read something or they have talked to someone, and they pass that information on to us, expecting us to use someone else’s methodology for marketing. We just can’t work that way. We likely already have a good idea of what needs to be done, and we will continue to do what we know is best. It doesn’t mean that we’re not happy to listen to ideas. It just means that in the end, we must follow our gut.

Common Sense

Because of the abundance of “information” regarding marketing websites, everyone is an expert. Unfortunately, common sense sometimes falls by the wayside as people attempt to make their websites like someone else’s. User experience is a huge part of online marketing. We have seen websites that make no sense but because the business owner has a certain idea in his or her head, they won’t listen. 

When looking at your site, it’s good to pretend that you are visiting for the first time. Even better, ask an honest person to tell you their thoughts. In a world of never-ending websites, making sure that you are actually reaching your audience with a good and accurate message is vital. And if someone is brave enough to make a suggestion, listen. 

Intuitive Marketing

Our keyphrase on our homepage is “We work with people who are kind.” After years of putting up with unhappy and complaining clients, we decided once and for all to only work with people who are nice. We want to help you as much as possible, so we want to build a working relationship with you. We believe in communication, vulnerability, and kindness. 

If you’re tired of hardcore, tough marketing, reach out to us today. We have a gentle touch, a sense of humor, and a high code of excellence in all we do. If you contact us, we’ll listen to your story (we want to hear it all), and we’ll decide if we’re a good fit. Either way, we want to be friends, and we will strive to help you build your business in ways you’ve never dreamed of!