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Don’t Lose Your Mind Keeping Track of Emails

If you’re a business owner, you may feel like you have overwhelming amount of emails you are trying to keep track of and you’re unsure how to do that simply and successfully. From prospective clients to current clients to like-minded business owners, the email addresses keep piling up and all you want is to put them in a safe place where you can access them at anytime and feel confident that you aren’t missing any opportunities. As a business ourselves, we understand you don’t have all the time in the world to put email lists together. That means it has…
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5 Ways to Have a Good Relationship with Your SEO Service Provider

SEO service providers come in all shapes and sizes. If you have dealt with SEO experts in the past, you know that some love to communicate, some don’t; some provide tons of information, some don’t; some provide ideas and solutions, some don’t; some are cheap – and some are very expensive. Once you decide on a service provider for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, it’s worth it to take some time to consider what kind of relationship you can expect from this person. It’s good to have a clear idea upfront so you will know what to expect and…
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Capstone Digital Marketing’s One-Year Anniversary Series 2018

We are celebrating our one-year anniversary here at Capstone Digital Marketing and what a year it’s been! The business has grown by 750% in one year. That’s pretty amazing. We are crazy busy and have several leads already as 2018 is beginning. It’s an exciting time! Thankfully, when we began, we already knew about digital marketing and how to rank business websites on Google. That was the easy part. The more difficult part has been dealing with tools and people. Here’s what we learned in 2017 about current SEO trends, our business goals, working with clients, working with contractors, joining…
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Seven Secrets You Should Know About Online Marketing Before Spending Your Money

I’ll admit it. This article is written partly out of frustration. The Internet has forced business owners to change the way they market their businesses, and for some, it’s been challenging — and stressful. Ten years ago, it was easy to rank someone in Google — I actually was stuffing keywords and copying content like crazy at that time. It’s what online marketers did to rank websites, and it was fun and easy. The frustrating part for me is that many “SEO experts” are swindling people and making empty promises, and it all makes me sad. 1. Google isn’t stupid.…
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Is Your Firm’s Website Accessible? Here’s Why it Should Be

A website serves no purpose if everyone cannot interact with it. If someone does not know the services you offer, cannot send an inquiry via a contact form, or cannot find information, he or she is not going to become your client. You could be the most prestigious firm in the world, but an inaccessible or poor-quality website will not earn you new clientele. Even if your website is up and running, it does not mean that it is not accessible to all. Understanding the Basics of Accessibility In this context, accessibility means your website is designed so that anyone,…
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