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About Capstone Digital Marketing

Ohio Digital Marketing Consultant

Capstone Digital Marketing’s Approach

Capstone Digital Marketing was born out of necessity. After working in the SEO and marketing industry for many years, Tracy and some of her close colleagues realized that all of this “online marketing” stuff was getting too complicated. People were throwing their money away, and as one of our former clients said, “I feel like I’m throwing my money into this dark hole every month, hoping for some results, but never knowing if it’s doing any good.”

This is not how marketing or SEO should be. You should feel confident in the people who are working for you, knowing that your hard-earned money is not being wasted on a “team” that is not accountable or available.


cap·stone [ káp st-n ] cap·stones- Plural (NOUN)

1. Top stone: a stone used at the top of a wall or another structure

2. High point: something considered the highest achievement or most important action in a series of actions

Digital marketing services should mean that you are heading to the top, and it’s done intentionally and is measurable. Consider letting Capstone Digital Marketing help take you to the top. It won’t happen overnight, but in the end, you’ll know exactly what we did, why we did it, and how we did it.

Our Awesome Team

Tracy Gimpel

Tracy Gimpel

Founder & CEO / SEO Director

Tracy is the founder of Capstone Digital Marketing. She currently resides in Dayton, Ohio with her husband, Chris, and daughter, Melinda. Tracy has worked over ten years in the digital marketing industry and has developed a reputation as an expert in the marketing world. Tracy has taken college classes in Communication and Business and takes pride in her client satisfaction.

Fun fact: Tracy loves drinking coffee and hanging out with her four miniature schnauzers!

Melinda Gimpel

Melinda Gimpel

Creative Director

Melinda is a Marietta College graduate with a degree in Organizational Communication. She has worked in digital marketing companies for over three years and has continued to expand her knowledge in content marketing, web development, SEO, keyword research, and more.

Fun fact: Melinda loves both tea and coffee and her favorite season is autumn because of the cool weather, sweaters, blankets, fireplaces, and hot drinks!

Kaylen Haltom

Kaylen Haltom

Social Media Manager

Kaylen is an Ohio native along with her husband Scott and their children Warren and Gwen. She has held leadership positions within her local church for over nine years and has over six years of HR experience. As social media manager, she provides keen insight into human nature and communication that enables clients to better connect with their target audience through graphic design and intentional messaging.

Fun fact: Kaylen likes to get artsy. She paints and sews (in her nonexistent free time) and has even taken a college course on interior design.

Stephanie Dillingham

Stephanie Dillingham


Stephanie currently resides in Dayton, Ohio with her husband, Ken. After raising four children, Stephanie has been able to develop her love for writing further. She has written for clients all over the world, helping them to further their businesses and become even more successful.

Fun fact: Aside from writing, Stephanie also spends her day-to-day as a pastor’s wife and distributor for Young Living. 

Sarah Holcomb

Sarah Holcomb

Creative Assistant

Sarah resides in Kenosha, WI with her husband, Adam, and their dog, Lexi. She has worked in digital marketing for over a year and discovered a love for creative social media through this! Sarah has taken classes in psychology and English literature and aspires to finish her Bachelor’s degree in Administrative Leadership.

Fun fact: Sarah loves coffee, reading, and event planning. She enjoys working in admin. roles in her church and spending time with family and friends.

Why Capstone Digital Marketing?

Your Digital Marketing Consultant in Ohio

Founder and CEO, Tracy Gimpel, has been working online since 2009, writing, optimizing, editing, strategizing, and more. She has worked with multiple marketing agencies, and through her experience, she has learned what works and what doesn’t work. Tracy has learned the importance of connecting personally with her clients and being present when necessary.

She has worked online marketing firms where she served many roles and helped serve over fifty attorneys all over the United States. From SEO to web design to content to social media, Tracy has had her hand in all of it.

She understands online marketing and knows how to help your business find success on the Internet. Tracy is a communicator, and she will do everything she can to meet your needs and make sure your online marketing campaign is successful.

Contact Tracy today at 740-502-3002 to learn how you can rise to the top of your competitors and make a mark in your world or fill out a contact form and she will be in touch. As your digital marketing consultant in Ohio and around the world, let Tracy help you reach your online marketing goals!

Our Values

Capstone Digital Marketing prides itself on ensuring the best work for our client. Our values have been built and we put them into practice for every single client.


Unfortunately, in any line of business, you can deal with dishonest people. Capstone Digital Marketing prides itself on honesty in dealing with not only current clients, but also prospective clients. You deserve to know what is going on with your site at all times.


Capstone Digital Marketing only hires the best and ensures each member is qualified with an understanding of SEO and fits the values it has created.


In our line of work, communication is key. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about where things are with your services. We never hide anything from you.


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