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Capstone Digital Marketing was born out of necessity.

Tracy Gimpel, the President of Capstone, has been working in the online marketing industry since 2009 through content development, optimizing sites, editing, building websites, and more. She has worked with multiple marketing agencies and handled law firm SEO, and through her experience, she has learned what works and what doesn’t work. She has learned the importance of connecting personally with her clients and being present when necessary.

Most recently, she worked at a small online marketing firm where she served many roles and helped serve over fifty attorneys all over the United States. From SEO to web design to content to social media, Tracy has had her hand in all of it.

She understands online marketing, and she knows how to help your website be a successful marketing tool on the Internet. Tracy is a great communicator, and she will do everything she can to meet your needs and make sure you get what you need and want.


cap·stone [ káp st-n ] cap·stones- Plural (NOUN)
1. Top stone: a stone used at the top of a wall or another structure
2. High point: something considered the highest achievement or most important action in a series of actions

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Is Capstone Digital Marketing the Best Agency for My Company?

Unlike many online marketing professionals, we are very intuitive about our work. While there is always a list of tasks to be done, we go a step further and investigate what may not be so obvious. From a technical standpoint, your website content, the information on the back end of your website, and your online reputation can make or break your online marketing efforts. We have been able to find opportunities, errors, and helpful information as we has gather important information about business websites.

Most importantly, we take our work very seriously. In a day when most marketers “set and forget” marketing practices for their clients, we stay involved. We genuinely want to know how your business is going and if our efforts are making a difference. Being accountable and having open communication are the keys to online marketing relationships.

If we don’t think we can help you, we’ll let you know. In fact, that is one of the purposes of our online Discovery Form – to make sure we are a good fit. We don’t want to waste our time or your money on a campaign that won’t work.

Contact us today through our contact form to learn how you can rise to the top of your competitors in search engines and make a mark in your world.

We believe in working with clients who want an individualized approach who believe in respect, honesty, and trust.

Capstone Digital Marketing is probably unlike any other marketing agency out there. We have built our business around principles of integrity, trust, and communication. Because we are more intuitive with our strategy, we don’t treat our clients in a cookie-cutter fashion. Instead, we do what’s best for you. If you are willing to trust us with your website, we will show you that “marketing” isn’t a bad word but simply a means to make your site more visible on Google. We will work with you, ask your opinions, and give our suggestions. Communication and trust are vital, and it’s why we only work with people who are kind and treat their customers with kindness.

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The Faces Behind the work

Tracy is the founder of Capstone Digital Marketing. She currently resides in Washington, North Carolina with her husband, Chris, and four adorable miniature schnauzers. Tracy has worked over 10 years in the digital marketing industry and has developed a reputation as an expert in the marketing world. Starting out as a writer in the world of online marketing, she quickly learned the power of good content and quality websites.

Melinda is a Marietta College graduate with a degree in Organizational Communication. She has worked in digital marketing companies for over six years and has continued to expand her knowledge in content marketing, web development, branding, SEO, keyword research, and more. Melinda's expertise is creating beautiful websites, which you can see on our portfolio page.

Stephanie is Capstone's SEO Assistant. She has become a very valuable asset to Capstone by providing keyword research, front and backend SEO work, quality control, client reports, customer communication, and more. Stephanie's willingness to learn and grow with the company has helped Capstone to continue to expand. Stephanie resides in the Dayton, Ohio area with her husband and two daughters. 

  • Tracy Gimpel - CEO + SEO Director
  • Melinda Gimpel - Creative Director
  • Stephanie Dillingham - SEO Assistant

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