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10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs SEO

The recent pandemic has pushed more people than ever online for multiple aspects of their lives. Consumers are using the internet to do their shopping, get their workouts in, find entertainment, and connect with others. That’s why it’s more important than ever before to understand and utilize SEO to target customers and stand out from the crowd.

Most business owners know that SEO can help with their ranking on Google, but there are many benefits beyond pure search engine rankings. Check out our list of ten reasons your website needs SEO to stay relevant and keep growing.

Organic Traffic is Essential

Google is the most visited website globally, and many of us end up there at least once a day. In addition to the other search engines, traffic from Google is often a significant source of potential customers or users for a website. Maintaining a high ranking on search engines using SEO paired with a high-quality and easy-to-navigate website will ensure users you are reliable and give them the confidence to purchase.

Build Your Brand’s Credibility

A natural aspect of SEO is authority building. This is accomplished by building an easy-to-use website and using tactics such as natural linking and optimized on-page elements. While this process can take time, along with authority, you will be building trust and credibility with your users through consistent offerings and content.

Improved User Experience

Google and other search engines prioritize page experience for SEO ranking, meaning a better user experience will help you rank higher. To ensure high rankings and a positive experience for your customers, make sure things are easy to find when users need them.

Local Search for Small Businesses

Local SEO has become increasingly prevalent and can be very beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. It can help you focus on specific cities, states, and even neighborhoods to target your messaging to particular customers. 

Search Algorithm Evolution

Because the search engines are continuously evolving their algorithms and best practices, SEO has to evolve as well. By staying on top of SEO trends and algorithm changes, you can stay ahead of your competition and take advantage of updates as they come out.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Any business owner can tell you that your cost per conversion of a new customer is extremely important and can quickly balloon as you begin to get into paid advertising and other marketing avenues. SEO is one of the cheapest ways to market your brand, as many of the basic optimizations will provide you with benefits for years to come.

Stay On Top of Competitors

The internet is constantly changing, so maintaining a strong SEO presence means staying informed as changes are made. By staying informed of SEO best practices, your best ranking keywords, and target keywords, you will stay on top of your competitors and be aware as new brands enter the market.

Highlight New Opportunities

A good SEO strategy not only helps you leverage your current strengths but also helps identify additional opportunities where businesses may be successful. Your SEO should support your brand in a way that naturally drives opportunities for new content, customer support, and product improvement.

Provides Quantifiable Metrics

Tracking success in business is essential, and SEO provides you with quantifiable metrics around how your content and website are performing. When you implement SEO, you can track the direct impact of each action through search engine ranking, organic traffic, conversions, and more.

Long-Term Benefits

While SEO can see some immediate benefits, many of the significant impacts will happen long term. As you build up more brand authority, content, and happy users, you will see boosts in search rankings leading to more exposure, customers, and profit.