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Capstone Digital Marketing

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Welcome to Capstone Digital Marketing

Your Digital Marketing Firm in Ohio

The goal of Capstone Digital Marketing is to provide a place for you to have your online marketing needs taken care of in a safe, friendly environment. We can handle all of your marketing needs including web development, search engine optimization (SEO), writing your pages and blog posts, and more. If you are a business owner who needs help but you don’t know where to turn, we’re glad you’re here. We take the time to communicate with our clients because we know that your needs are unique.

Contact us today and let us help you get started on a stress-free journey to getting more clients in your door.

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Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

Tired of seeing your competitors ahead of you on Google? Time to take action.

Website Design

Let us help you design a website you’ll be proud to direct clients to.

Website Audit

You need to know what’s on your website – the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Content is king. From press releases to blog posts to webpages and more, we can help.

Social Media Management

Empower your company by having weekly posts put out to social media platforms.

Google Penalty Repair

We know the legal procedures and will do what we can to get you back on Google.

Our Awesome Team

Tracy Gimpel

Tracy Gimpel

Founder & CEO / SEO Director

Melinda Gimpel

Melinda Gimpel

Creative Director

Kaylen Haltom

Kaylen Haltom

Social Media Manager

Stephanie Dillingham

Stephanie Dillingham


Sarah Holcomb

Sarah Holcomb

Creative Assistant

A Different Way to Do Marketing

Tracy Gimpel, founder of Capstone Digital Marketing, never dreamed that she would start her own business. In fact, when co-workers and well-meaning friends would mention it as an idea, she would laugh and tell them thanks, but no way. After working online for over ten years, Tracy knew that the competition is fierce and there are a lot of people working online who are not honest and who will take advantage of you if they can. “Marketing” — in the true sense of the word — never really appealed to her because it often represents a dark side that is the opposite of what she enjoys doing for her clients.

That’s why Capstone Digital Marketing will always be different. Regardless of how small your business, we will work with you and create a plan to help you with your online needs. We don’t go with a cookie-cutter, streamlined approach to your website or online needs. Our motto is that while we can’t promise anyone that they will be #1 on Google, we can promise you that we will do our very best to take care of your online needs. In fact, if we find that we can’t help you, we’ll just tell you. And if you work with us for awhile and we feel like we’ve done all we can, we’ll tell you so.

Capstone will never be accused of under-communicating with our clients. We will tell you what we’ve done and how we have helped you. We will ask questions, and we will take care of you so you can do your job and take care of your clients. Take a look at our testimonials and reviews to see what our customers are saying.

Honesty… Reliability… Results

Are you tired of investing in pricey, unrealistic promises that leave you high and dry, wondering where your money is going? We will meet with you and develop a plan to see you succeed. We will communicate with you regularly to discuss your website, your monthly Google results, and answer your questions… and we will explore new and exciting possibilities. We know you are paying us to take the initiative on this, and we promise to deliver.

Success Stories

Capstone Digital Marketing has transformed my businesses online presence into something I couldn’t have achieved just on my own. The company was able to positively impact my social media platforms while still maintaining our company image. They are professional, attentive to my needs and think outside of the box. I can’t recommend them enough.

Melanie Preston

Founder, Preston's Beauty Academy

Tracy is an absolute gem – so professional and quick to respond! I was really worried about hiring someone for a service that I was unfamiliar with myself. Tracy has been so great to keep me updated with the entire process. She has streamlined a process that I could have never done myself. It feels so great to put your trust into someone and have such awesome results as an outcome.

Kandra Berecca

Founder, Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby

I was in need to someone that was good with communication, thorough with their work, and professional. It’s hard to find that in the world of SEO.

Not only did I get the satisfaction of working with someone that was reliable, Tracy was super great with proofreading and offering great suggestions!

Skot Waldron

Principal/Creative Director, Multiple Inc.

The Difference Matters

If you know anything about digital marketing, you know that this type of relationship is hard to come by today. In one week’s time, we had three reputable business people tell us that they have never known a digital marketing agency that was so open, authentic, and transparent. That’s what we like to hear because being different can be a really good thing.

If you’ve always wanted to actually increase your traffic on Google, have a beautiful website that ranks in Google, regularly-scheduled blog posts, or expertly-written web pages for your business but don’t know how,  call the Ohio digital marketing team at Capstone today at 740-502-3002 or fill out the Contact Form and let us help you get your website ranked and more business in your door!


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Offering Real Value

When you talk to marketing consultants or online salespeople, you rarely learn much about what they can do to help you. Lots of words but no value. You listen, you try to glean an ounce of hope, but there’s nothing there. When you talk with Tracy at Capstone, you will talk to someone who will review your website and give you an honest evaluation of what can be done to help with your online presence.

One attorney stopped her during their initial conversation and said, “But, you are telling me everything to do and I haven’t paid you a dime!” That’s how we work at Capstone. No, we don’t work for free. Even if you don’t hire us, however, we want to have a good relationship with you, because you never know when we might want to work together someday. Also, we won’t try to talk you into hiring us because we need to know that you trust us to take care of your online marketing needs. We want you to be 100% confident that we will follow through on what we have promised.

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